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we are the one of the largest rebar producer in Ethiopian we produce rebar with respect to the Ethiopian conformity standard

Wire Rod

our Wire rod production facility supply the construction sector and the industry ...

State of the art technology

Our factory equipped with state of the art machineries¬† that can produce up to 500,000 tones of production capacity per year…

Technology utilization

Recent technology with computerized controlling system Programming Logical Control (PLC) used for
production of reinforcement bar. Specially use the following technology

  • Thermo mechanical treatment plant used for upgrading the strength of the ribbed bar
  • Installing substation of automatic power factor corrector with harmonizer. It used for power stabilization.
  • Use Alternate current motor which controlled by programming logical control (PLC) System has
    great advantage in proper stability and utilization of power.
  • Used Automatic rake type cooling bed with twin channel bar delivery system.
  • Used Automatic finished product packing system